Learning Skill Developments

  • Language Skill Development
  • Arithmetic Skill Development
  • Computing Skill Development
  • Multi Skill Development


Innovation in English Speaking Skill Ability

By introducing an unique concept of “Train The Trainer; Test The Learner”, we have introduced a new innovative digitized curriculum which make sure that the teacher understand the concept and train the students innovatively in order to make the student communicate effectively; no matter the teachers are efficient in the subject or not.

Current Scenario

  • Most of the Schools in India are focusing on academics, only for scoring marks not for skill. They neither have time to think about skill development among students nor does teacher have interest towards it.

Every parent has the dream of their children to study well and more importantly to face the challenging-world with confidence. They expect their children to speak good English as a medium of communication to showcase their talents, achieved in Academics. Upper & Above middle class parents are achieving their goal very easily by sending their children to the best English schools and also spending and doing much at home to sharpen their kids’ skill. However the Middle, Lower class parents and rural areas parents are struggling to achieve their goal. Though the parents are sending their children to middle class English medium schools, the result is far from reality.

These kinds of Schools are facing acute shortage of quality English speaking subject teachers. Most of the time, they depend on the traditional way of learning and teaching method, that is GRAMMAR BASED.

To overcome all the issues, E-KIDS has decided to bring an unique curriculum which should bring a result rather than just teaching at the same time we need to use the locally available resources. Our ENGLISH PROJECT make sure to bring an assured unique, innovative curriculum to schools and our SPOKEN E-KIDS ENGLISH ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGY make sure that our objective and goals are met professionally.

Executive Summary on “Spoken E-kids English”


An award winning, 100% result oriented, innovative, cost effective, goal oriented computer & PSYCHOLOGY based spoken English skill development curriculum for institutions in order to bring unique branding by bringing an unique speaking skill ability among the students and teachers.

Executive Summary on “Written E-kids English”


Learn & Practice Written English using Computer based Activity Based Learning ( E-ABL)

The purpose of the Written E-Kids English is to enable the students to use interactive Web-based teaching exercises which can be delivered to any Internet-connected computer equipped with a browser. All the students need to do is enter the data for the exercises (questions, answers, responses etc.), and press a button.

Executive Summary on “E-kids Psycholinguistics based Grammar”


An innovative, goal oriented Grammar project which gives an opportunity to every student to understand the grammar fundamental thoroughly and also improve grammar skill and application ability without using any paper or pencil. Psycholinguistic and Mental Observation techniques will be effectively utilized to bring the best outcome which enable to learner to understand and use the grammar once and for all for his life time.


Innovation in Mathematical Skill Development for slow learners

The current scenario of teaching mathematics in school level focus is on a progressive manner; however they do not have the in-built flexibility for slow, medium and fast learners. The main reasons are: Lack of time, Difference on students’ understanding capabilities, Lack of time for teachers to teach the mathematics fundamentals and Lack of individual student attention.

For some people, some food causes allergy. Similarly, for some students, mathematics seems to be an allergy. To get relief from such allergic conditions and at the same time to create a condition wherein students begin to evince interest in doing problems in mathematics, E-Kids has developed E-KIDS MATHEMATICS LAB with the help of Montessori Creed to make sure the students to understand the mathematics concepts thoroughly and practice more on their own pace.

The Approach

  • There is only one formula to improve students´ mathematics skill which is “THE MORE YOU PRACTICE, THE MORE YOU EXCEL». But students do not like to practice more problems in their work book or note. They do hate doing things again and again. In order to bring interest among the learners, E-Kids has developed E-KIDS MATHEMATICS LAB which focus fundamental concepts using computer graphics and animation with challenging tests. These lessons are called digital lessons. In built E-Test / Quiz program is part of the digital lessons. Montessori concepts have been incorporated along with ICT.
  • The Innovation

    Keep in mind the current scenario, E-Kids has developed specialized curriculum for Mathematics called E-KIDS MATHEMATICS LAB.


    • Understanding Fundamental Mathematics
    • Digitized Montessori approach
    • Activity based Play way method
    • Application Oriented
    • Comprehensive Inbuilt Testing
    • Real time problems with solutions
    • Class / Age Appropriate
    • Improve Concentration
    • Improve Mathematics Speed
    • Designed for slow, fast and medium learners

    Impact : 100% assurance of students’ Mathematics solving skills, concentration and speed improvement.

    Innovation in Mathematical Skill Development for medium and fast learners

    In most of the competitive examinations conducted by IIT's (Indian Institute of Technology), IIM's (Indian Institute of Management) , other engineering and management course entrance examinations, the ability of candidate with familiarity with numbers and fundamentals is tested against time. It has been observed that most of the students who are selected for these prestigious competitions have very keen understanding of number, which traditionally comes after a lot of practice and memorizing tables, squares, cubes of numbers up to two or three digits. This is a very tedious and time-consuming task, a student who is weak in mathematics is either ill prepared in this subject or his/her other subjects get ignored.

    Schools do not have time to concentrate on introducing new techniques to overcome this issue. Some schools have introduced Chinese Abacus method but it is time consuming and not aligns with our traditional Indian Mathematics.

    Most of the Indian adults are experiencing and practicing BRAINY ARITHMETIC. But they have failed to transform to this younger generation.

    Executive Summary On “E-kids Mathematics Lab”


    The E-Kids Mathematics program develops students´ skill on fundamental mathematics with the help of Montessori approach using computers. Students are not only getting the answer right but also know how the answer evolves. Make Mathematics to your students´ as favourite subject and make them to understand the fundamental thoroughly with help of Digital Montessori creed

    Executive Summary on “E-kids Brainy Arithmetic”


    E-KIDS BRAINY ARITHMETIC OR MANAKANAKKU for school students makes Mathematics more easy and enjoyable. Our Method will enable the students to crosscheck the answers and score high marks. It does not conflict with existing Method. Our approach is simple, easy, practical, logical, consistent, precise and stimulating.

    Our Approach Towards the Concept

    • Make sure the students understand the traditional way of teaching / learning mathematics thoroughly.
    • Encourage the students to analyze the mathematics on what they are learning today.
    • Encourage the students to find any alternative solutions to solve the existing mathematics problem.
    • Conceptualizing and formulating the new techniques to solve the problem and make sure every student to understand the concept thoroughly.
    • Innovative techniques to be used to prepare the students to use their brain other than paper & pencil.
    • Incorporating “More You Practice, More You Excel” concept and grill the students in a particular area to acquire skill.
    • Introducing various Speed Mathematics Techniques which doesn’t encourage using calculator or Abacus.
    • Structured, Progressive lessons to achieve the goal
    • Instructional method based on an independent or self-learning approach with Special Worksheets both on line as well as off line.


Today students are learning computer science as a separate subject and there will be no connectivity between computer science and other subject as well as real life situation. We encourage students use computer science as a productive tool to understand their subject very effectively by doing various projects in align with the subject matters what they are studying at school level and also they can apply into the day to day real life situation.

The concept of E-KIDS EXPLORER is to use computer education to build a computer literate by creating Techno Students, Techno Teachers and a Techno Society. Like any other subjects like English, Mathematics & Science etc., we have created class appropriate with natural progressive curriculum in computer science. In addition to that, the curriculum will cope up with any technological advancement in the ICT field today, which fully leverages the benefits of Information & Communication Technology.

Executive Summary On ”E-Kids with ICT“


The E-KIDS WITH ICT is an innovative Computer Programming skill development program for kids. The project is as captivating as it is educative which brings children and computers together. It will teach and update students’ knowledge with various computer technologies across all age groups through a series of projects, packed with adventure and fun. Academics blends with Technology with innovative real time projects.


Value E-Kids Education

By introducing an unique concept of “Train The Trainer; Test The Learner”, we have introduced a new innovative digitized curriculum which make sure that the teacher understand the concept and train the students innovatively in order to make the student communicate effectively; no matter the teachers are efficient in the subject or not


In School, Children are taught a lesson and then given a test, Value E-Kids Education will give a test, which teaches a lesson.

Today our schools are concentrating on delivering academic achievement to the students. Less concentration is given to their personal behaviour. The attitude of today's young generation made us think twice that the implementation of value and moral education is a must for the youth. Our program makes sure that the students aware about the importance of value education from the prior stages of development.


Children love crafts. They seem to become fixated when they are drawing, painting, cutting, pasting and working through kids’ crafts and activities. Kids love working with their hands.

There is something in the sense of achievement children get when they are working on crafts or craft activities that involves their creativity and stimulates their imagination. But there is so much more to this picture than a sense of achievement. The amazing developmental benefits that children can obtain through creative craft ideas make children’s crafts such a crucial part of a child's healthy development.

Projects: Clay Crafts, Clay Modeling, Painting, Puppet Making & Embossing Painting


A professional handwriting skill improvement program for students and also exam writing guidelines will be provided to score more marks in their academics.


Compared with your child watching a video or television show, the experience of sharing a story is vastly more personal and rewarding. Oral storytelling is unique in that it is interactive and personal, bringing your personality to the experience. Storytelling is more than entertainment; it is a bonding experience between the storyteller and the listener. E-Kids will utilize its expertise to convert from storytelling to Public Speaking Skill.